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This is Forty? Skincare For a New Age (3 of 3)

It’s the last week of March (yay Spring!) and I’m back for more Pelleve. I’ve been drinking water and taking care of my skin as usual and have noticed a few good results in 30 days. Most notable was the other morning in bed, hubby stroked my cheek and said, Wow, so firm! Love it. Pelleve? I told him yes and then gloated the rest of the morning.

The biggest thing I noticed was the reduction in the very, very fine lines on my forehead, cheeks and around my eyes.

I have also noticed an improvement in my “mommy frown lines” right between my eyebrows. They are less noticeable when I look at my photos from one month ago. Rebecca took before pictures for me so I will need to wait another month for the big reveal but so far, so good.

I knew coming into this that there would not be drastic results and that for me is a good thing. In my forties I don’t want to start down the road of Botox and Juvederm because those results are so obvious. (If you have ever watched Real Housewives of New York or been to South Beach, you know what I am talking about, ladies.) And it just isn’t my style. I am after a more natural anti-aging process that I can use for the next 10-15 years and feel good about without changing the look of my face so drastically.

I definitely want to do at least 1-2 more treatments to achieve the visible results as we begin the Saratoga Season. The first gala I am attending is the first week of June.

Sitting back in Rebecca’s chair is like visiting with an old friend and feeling comfortable, relaxed and at ease. As we chat about work, kids and all the Saratoga goings on, she asks me how I am feeling about the whole Pelleve process. I tell her I am happy with the result so far, and definitely want to extend to 1-2 more treatments to achieve my results. Based on my age, skin and initial result, she assures me this is a good goal with measurable results I will be happy with.

As I lay back in the chair, the warm wand massages my face and the light music puts me at ease. She focuses on the areas most important to me, the wrinkles next to my eyes, the frown lines next to my cheeks and the frown lines between my brows. The fine lines on the top of my forehead are virtually gone already and I love that!

She works on each section for a few minutes and then moves to the next one. She explains to me that the warmer the wand gets, the better Pelleve works. Once I understand this, my tolerance for the heat increases and it does feel good. It has never burned so I don’t worry about that at all now that I am a pro at this. She uses a firm pressure but nothing painful and moves the wand quickly over the areas (Almost like she is coloring my face- a warm, facial massage).

With the high frequency radio technology, I know it will take a couple more treatments for my collagen to build. Rebecca explained to me that the frequency breaks down the collagen fibers underneath the skin and forces them to rebuild naturally over the course of a few months. All of this without damaging the top layer of my skin! Think of it like blowing up a balloon under a wrinkled piece of plastic wrap. The more the balloon expands, the more the wrinkles smooth out. And unlike a laser or facial peel, there is no peeling, redness or patchiness that occurs so I can continue with my day (without having to hide out).

My appointment falls on a Wednesday before a weekend where I am to attend a Bar Mitzvah for the son of a close friend. I will see people I haven’t seen in 20 years, so I say the timing couldn’t be better! I know the day of treatment glow will last through the weekend.

After my treatment (I am totally done in 1 hour) I head to the sink to wash up and Rebecca gives me a squirt of anti-aging cream to hydrate my face, a glass of water and a gentle but firm reminder to drink a lot of it.

I look in the mirror and my skin is tight, glowing and refreshed looking, perfect for girls night out with some high school friends and the weekend ahead. As a matter of fact, I am curious if the girls will notice a difference, so I leave my foundation powder out of my makeup routine so my bare skin is visible for the world to see. That in itself feels good- bare skin at forty and proud of it!

Rebecca finally shows me the before and after of the biggest problem area, my frown lines. And I am amazed, the shadow is gone and the deep crease has lifted without being overly plumped up so I don’t look like a Botoxess. My tiny lines around my eyes and on my forehead are reduced and I know it will improve even more in the next 4 weeks, just in time for my vacation with the family. If I maintain this every 6 months to 1 year I can stave of the aging process with a natural solution, no needles, no surgery, and no puffiness.

When I get to a lunch meeting this afternoon, my 2 colleagues both comment at how great I look, relaxed, healthy. Like a mini-vacation for the face, I think.

I’m hooked, line and sinker. This is forty? I’ll take it!

Contact ZiekerEye today to Request an appointment. Or learn more about Pelleve, here.

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