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Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction

This is Forty? Finding Skincare for a New Age (2 of 3)

I’m awake, hydrated and ready for my first Pelleve treatment.

I need to head to work after, so I have clean skin and packed my makeup for post-Pelleve. I am a little nervous, but excited, too.

Based on my consultation, I am prepared for three to five treatments and will most likely see how 1-3 goes, and then decide if I want to do more. Since it is Feb. 1, I am hoping the treatments will have my skin ready for the Spring and Summer Saratoga Season. Because, who doesn’t?

Rebecca prepared me that the results wouldn’t be clear for about 30 days, but that my skin would have an immediate glow and tightening from the Pelleve that would last about 3 days, I am very excited to see that!

When I enter the office I am brought back to the Pelleve room where there is some easy, light music playing. I take off my jacket and Rebecca hands me some Arbonne cleanser to wash away any traces of makeup, and also remove my earrings and necklace.

She then attaches a couple of electrodes to my back (very gently, feels like a small suction cup) in order to ground me during treatment (no, not in a bad way ladies, you know, so I don’t get zapped!) Just like at the spa, Rebecca places a light hairband to move my hair off of my face. She reclines the chair and talks to me about the procedure as she is warming up the wands.

I knew from my last visit that this would be painless. But I am still worried about the heat, what if it burns? I am a complete wimp. A friend of mine returned from some crazy spa procedure last week all scaly, red and peeling. I am assured repeatedly that this Won’t. Hurt. A. Bit.

Finally the wand is warm and after a cool gel is applied to my eye area, Rebecca firmly but gently moves the wand on my skin in a back and forth and circular motion. She can see on the machine how my skin is heating up which is the key here – the hotter my skin gets, the more collagen I will produce. The radio frequency heats the deepest layers of my skin, and I can feel it warming up. It does get hot as Rebecca moves the wand over different areas, my crow’s feet, puffy under eye bags and brow bone. But it feels good and I allow myself to relax, Rebecca answering all of my questions.

What is that beep? It is the machine telling her to stop and move to the next setting.

What is that gel on my skin? It helps the wand to glide and move more rapidly for the best coverage.

Wait, it is getting hot, can I ask you to stop? Of course, she says. If you feel it is at all too hot at any point just tell me.

After a few minutes I completely get the hang of this, and find Rebecca and I talking easily about my skin, my routine and how I need to stay hydrated to obtain the best result. I drink a ton of water anyway, so this won’t be difficult.

After my eyes she moves to my frown lines, back and forth on each side. I find the longer I am there, the more I am able to relax and enjoy the heat which on this February day, is a nice thing.

Once my forehead is done (yes, the mommy frown lines in between my eyebrows have met their match) I am done. In 30 minutes. I sit up (grudgingly, I really would like to take a nap now) and Rebecca supplies me with an anti-aging cleanser that smells delicious. I wipe my face and look in the mirror for the first time.

I am shining! I look healthy and glowing, with zero makeup on. My skin feels very smooth and I do notice immediately that some of the fine lines have disappeared. What is most striking though is how tight my skin looks.

I add some moisturizer and put on my makeup, head back to say goodbye and make my next appointment. Rebecca gives me a large glass of water and reminds me to keep drinking it every day as much as I normally would. She does tell me this initial result will fade in a few days, and my skin will go back to normal, but that when I come back for my second treatment we will look at some before / after pictures so I can see the change.

Overall I am happy with this first step and have a dinner reservation with hubby on the night of my skin glow. When I tell him about it, he asks if men do this too? Absolutely, I actually met one at Zieker Eye and saw his before and after pictures.

And I can’t wait to see mine. Stay tuned friends for now I am no doubt enjoying the glow.

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