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Pelleve Aesthetic Treatment

This is Forty? Finding Skincare for a New Age (1 of 3)

For this fortysomething the holidays are over, the glow of New Year’s Eve with best friends is past and I’m staring down my next birthday in the coming weeks. I was arranging some of my daughter’s old pictures the other day, when she was a chubby toddler and I looked, well, a lot younger. What a wakeup call. I needed to do something about this, and before my next birthday. My family and friends all know I am terrified of needles (so much so that when my daughter was getting blood drawn I was the one who almost fainted?), so Botox is out of the question. Besides the fact that too many of my forty-something friends take it a little overboard and one look tells you she’s a Botoxer. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it’s out of the question for me. Especially after a very good friend recently pointed out the yellow lump on her forehead of an injection gone awry. No thanks.

I had been researching different methods, facial peels (ouch), lasers (double ouch), plastic surgery (I’m too young for that) and just plain better skin care products. But a friend of mine had recently tried Pelleve and I decided to see what it was all about. I called Zieker Eye (who has a Pelleve machine in addition to their ophthalmological practice) for a free consultation with Rebecca Beers, the Pelleve Technician.

When I walked in I was nervous and unsure, but the staff was friendly and soon I was whisked into a small room with Rebecca, smiling and putting me immediately at ease. With some soft music playing in the background and shelves lined with information about skin care and Pelleve, she started my free consultation with questions about my skin care regimen and my goals. I told her about my fear of needles and wanting to look more like my natural thirty-something self. Tighter skin overall and fewer crow’s feet around my eyes (some call these laugh lines but let’s be honest ladies, crow’s feet is much more honest when you are staring them down in your super magnified mirror at 7 am.) The lines on each side of my mouth also started to really show my age and I wanted to reduce that impact for sure. I hate those lines.

Rebecca then explained Pelleve to me.

She showed me the small, smooth wands she would be using on my skin and demonstrated how Pelleve is completely non-invasive, utilizing radio frequency energy to heat beneath the skin to help it reproduce its own collagen. It basically helps to plump the skin naturally underneath to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin overall. She comforted me with its FDA approval, and showed me some terrific before and after photos from other clients. I was also comfortable with the procedure being performed in a doctor’s office, an eye doctor nonetheless – as it is one of the safest treatments for the delicate eye area. Without pain? No fillers? I was sold.

I made a series of 3 appointments based on my budget and goals for my skin (Rebecca was particularly good at explaining options and not overselling me, that was huge for me.) She explained that I wouldn’t walk out of there after the first treatment with drastic results, that it takes about 30 days for the collagen to produce visible wrinkle reduction and takes a series of treatments to get to my goal. We did schedule it for a day when I had a date night with hubby as she told me the immediate result is glowing, tighter skin that lasts about 3 days. And I could walk in and come back out on my lunch break looking refreshed.

So I booked my first treatment for next week. And am hoping it will be the answer to a natural, more thirtysomething glow. Stay tuned friends.

Contact Zieker Eye today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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